The Fry Fire District has been involved in the ambulance transport and billing fields since 1976. Ambulance billing and collection became a specialized function of the Administrative Division in June of 1990. Since this transaction, the billing division has successfully increased collection percentages on an annual basis. The greater Sierra Vista area enjoys a collection rate of 80% of collectable revenue.

For information about our Notice of Privacy Practices and your Protected Health Information you may contact us at or 520-378-3276 x10.

Should you have any questions concerning an ambulance bill with:

  • The Fry Fire District
  • City of Bisbee
  • City of Nogales Fire Department
  • Buckeye Fire District
  • Elfrida Fire District
  • Arrowhead Mobile Healthcare
  • Healthcare Innovations (providing services to Benson, Willcox, St. David and Tombstone)
  • Gila Fire/Rescue

If you have a billing question, please contact our offices at:
(520) 378-3276

The Fry Fire District provides its services to governmental agencies for a percent of collected revenues. The District specializes in tailoring its collection programs to the needs of the entity. Services are all-inclusive and relieve the contracting entity from all billing, reporting, and record keeping requirements.

The Fry Fire District also will provide estimated costs for outside billing services for your ambulance service, fire department transportation or private transportation services. Please contact Linda at 520-378-3276 ext.10 for additional information on these and other ambulance billing services.