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2015 Fry Fire District Awards Winners

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2015 Fry Fire District Awards Winners


On March 2016 the Fry Fire District held its annual awards dinner and annouced our 2015 award recipients.

Starting on the far left is Firefighter/Paramedic Brisden Eaton our EMS Provider of the Year, Firefighter/Paramedic Austin Larrabee our Outstanding Achievement and Battalion Chief/Paramedic Mark Savage our Firefighter of the Year (Picture provided by the Herald).




Emergency Medical Service Provider of the Year: Firefighter Brisden Eaton

EMT’s and Paramedics face arduous situations out in the field day in and day out. When someone calls 9-1-1, they are looking for help from someone who cares. This year’s Emergency Medical Professional of the Year was awarded to Brisden Eaton who demonstrates composure and compassion on every call. His calm demeanor and compassion for people allow him to build a trust and rapport with even the most difficult of patients. While he is one of the less tenured paramedics, his knowledge, skills and abilities put him amongst the best. We teach recruits that they need to treat each member within our community as if he or she were a member of their own family. This individual does just that with every interaction. This firefighter has the ability to make quick decisions and stay a step ahead on critical calls without skipping a beat. He also takes the time, on the less critical calls, to explain procedures with the patient and their family in an attempt to ease their stress. He constantly acts with the patient’s best interests at heart. He is also always willing to mentor EMT and CEP students during ride time. He is a very supportive member of his crew and the District as a whole. If you ask most members of the fire service why they do this job, the common response is to help people. This firefighter lives the principle of doing the job to help people every day. He actively participates in public education events, which allow him the opportunity to help kids and serve as a positive role model for them. He is a car seat technician and has recently become a SWAT medic as well. Congratulation Brisden!

Emergency Outstanding Achievement of the Year: Firefighter/Paramedic Austin Larrabee

Safety is paramount in any profession. In the firefighting profession, safety can be the difference between life and death. Minimizing exposure to illness or injury from contact with chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other workplace hazards is why personal protective equipment is utilized in the workplace. This year’s award recipient is an individual who voluntarily assumed the responsibility for PPE ordering and upkeep as well as coordinating and scheduling PPE maintenance. Austin Larrabee studied the NFPA standards, took care of individuals who had expired or damaged gear, inspected the District’s gear cache and was able to come up with a plan that will be sustainable in the future, while trying to minimize the financial strain on the budget. FF Larrabee implemented new policies and procedures on how to check the gear to minimize future issues. He has also implemented a tracking system that will track each individual’s gear and record all inspection, damages and repairs. The program he has placed into service surpasses our previous system and has placed firefighter safety at the forefront of the program. Firefighter Larrabee not only volunteered to take on this large undertaking, but has done an excellent job at it. During this timeframe, he also obtained his paramedic certification. For these reasons, we are proud to award Austin Larrabee as this year’s recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award. Congratulations Austin!


Firefigter of the Year: Battalion Chief/Paramedic Mark Savage

Firefighter of the year is the most prominent award presented to an individual in the fire service. Chief Savage is the person that peers have nominated for going above and beyond what is expected. This year’s recipient is responsible for obtaining funds that contribute to the safety of both our employees and our citizens. Battalion Chief Savage was able to obtain grant funding for car seats, ensuring the safety of our children; a grant for fuel reductions in Ramsey Canyon, aiding in the safety of our citizens in the area; and a grant for new self-contained breathing apparatus, improving the safety of our employees. In addition to the grants he was able to obtain, Mark actively participated in rescue task force training, active shooter training and coordinating with school officials to instruct first aid classes to teachers so they could serve as first responders for students in the event of a medical emergency. Congratulations Chief Savage!!

Fry Fire District is very proud to have such outstanding individuals working with the fire district and providing services to our citizens and others.

William Miller, Fire Chief