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The Fry Fire District and the Legacy Foundation of Southeastern Arizona are pleased to announce that we will be providing “A Matter of Balance” to the residents of the greater Sierra Vista area. This program is an evidence-based program out of Boston University, that has proven to prevent falls and fall related injury for people over 65 years of age. Participant classes for this program meet twice a week for 4 weeks for 2 hour sessions. The class will cover things such as how to reduce or eliminate the “Fear of Falling”, how to get up safely from a fall and implement routine exercises that will increase mobility, strength and endurance. If you are at risk of falling or know of someone who is, or if you or someone you know falls frequently, then this program is designed for you. Stop by any Fry Fire District fire station to ask about details. Class dates will be advertised periodically in the local paper and by local flyer and currently meet at “Thrive” in the Mall at Sierra Vista.

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