Letter from the Fire Chief

Dear Community Members,
In order to ensure the safety of our personnel and their families and maintain our ability to continue providing professional emergency services, all Fry Fire District fire stations have been closed to the public for non-emergency business. Public classes and large meetings have also been cancelled. These stations are Station 361 on 2nd Street (520) 458-5523, Station 365 on Yaqui (520) 378-2222, and Station 366 on Thuma (520) 378-2361 These measures are being put into place to protect our firefighters and paramedics who will be working hard to continue protecting our community. All fire stations will continue to be manned 24/7/365 during this incident and we will continue giving you the same high level of emergency protection we always have. Due to the anticipated need for increased EMS responses within the Fire District, we have discontinued issuing burn permits and suspended ALL residential open burning until further notice. If you need to call 911 with a medical emergency, there a couple things you can expect to happen: - The dispatcher will be asking you more questions based on your specific complaint, these questions will help our first responder determine the proper precautions needed. - When the EMS crews arrive, please don’t rush to the ambulance, the firefighters will be donning their protective equipment which may include - a protective coverall, mask, gloves, and glasses. These are routing precautions to protect our firefighter from possible contamination and help them avoid spreading disease. - If your complaint and symptoms include a respiratory component you will likely be given a mask to wear during your transport. Unfortunately, during this pandemic, we cannot allow any family members to ride with patients in the ambulance unless we are transporting a child. Emergency rooms are restricting the number of guests that a patient can have and not allowing admittance. Much like fires, prevention is key! Please remember to continue following the CDC guidelines for personal safety and hygiene: - Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds - Avoid touching your face - Sneeze and cough into tissues or your elbow - Maintain 3’-6’ of personal space - Stay home if you can
We sincerely appreciate your understanding and support and are looking forward to continuing to serve the emergency needs of our community during this difficult time. For further information, please check our website and social media.
Mark H. Savage
Fire Chief


Fire Stations

Fire Station #1

207 N. Second St.

(520) 458-6755

Fire Station #2

4817 S. Apache Ave.

520) 378-2222

Fire Station #3

5019 S. Arabian Ave.

(520) 378-2361

Emergency Call Statistics

Fiscal year 2019
4153 Calls for Service

Staffing Statistics

Mark Savage, Fire Chief

Battalion Chiefs-3
Ambulance Billing Specialists-2
Fire Marshal-1

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